WNAR Invited Sessions at IBC2016

WNAR has organized 12 invited sessions for IBC2016.    For further details on IBC2016 and the full program schedule, use this link.   

Statistical methods for neuroimaging data

Russell T. Shinohara (University of Pennsylvania)

R. Todd Ogden (Columbia University)

Ana Maria Staicu (North Carolina State University)

Timothy Johnson (University of Michigan)

Statistical inference in complex sampling designs

Tracey Marsh (University of Washington)

Peter Gilbert (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Thomas Lumley (University of Auckland)

Edward Kennedy (Carnegie Mellon University)

Statistical analysis of wearable sensor data

Julian Wolfson (University of Minnesota)

Vadim Zipunnikov (Johns Hopkins University)

Tiago Barreira (Syracuse University)

Jeff Goldsmith (Columbia University)

Missing data in regression: beyond existing modeling assumptions

Peisong Han (University of Waterloo)

Emily Berg (Iowa State University)

K.C. Gary Chan (University of Washington)

Peng Ding (University of California, Berkeley)

Advances in methodology for causal inference

David Benkeser (University of California, Berkeley)

Alex Luedtke (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

Peter Aronow (Yale University)

Jamie Robins (Harvard University)

Recent methods development for cancer screening

Theodore R. Holford (Yale University)

Summer S. Han (Stanford University)

Carolyn Rutter (RAND Corporation)

Nilanjan Chatterjee (Johns Hopkins University)

A continuous approach to interpreting forensic DNA profiles

David Balding (University College London)

James Curran (University of Auckland)

Catherine Grgicak (Boston University)

Simone Gittelson (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Statistical methods to improve drug and vaccine safety surveillance using big healthcare data

Ram Tiwari (Food and Drug Administration)

Robert Platt (McGill University)

Andrea Cook (Group Health Research Institute)

Jennifer Nelson (Group Health Research Institute)

Advances in nonparametric and semiparametric inference

Marco Carone (University of Washington)

Mark van der Laan (University of California, Berkeley)

Rajesh Mukherjee (Stanford University)

Aditya Guntuboyina (University of California, Berkeley)

Statistical innovation for network analysis

Daniela Witten (University of Washington)

Jacob Bien (Cornell University)

Duo Jiang (Oregon State University)

Uri T. Eden (Boston University)

Novel statistical methods for determination of patient classification in personalized medicine: illustrations in cystic fibrosis

Barbara Bailey (San Diego State University)

Sonya Heltshe (Seattle Children's Hospital)

Rhonda Szczesniak (Cinicinnati Children's Hospital)

Brandie Wagner (University of Colorado, Denver)

Statistics and human rights

Robin Mejia (Carnegie Mellon University)

Megan Price (Human Rights Data Analysis Group)

Alicia Carriquiry (Iowa State University)

Nicholas P. Jewell (University of California, Berkeley)

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