JEDI Committee

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee


  • Develop plan to assess where WNAR needs to improve EDI

  • Propose Indigenous student travel award terms 

Upcoming and Past Events

  • WNAR 2022 Meeting Session and Roundtable "The alternative hypothesis: Underrepresented (bio)statisticians share graduate school experiences", June 13, 2022

    • Organizer & Chair: Natalie Gasca, California Council on Science and Technology
    • Panelists:
    • Maricela Cruz, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
    • Aaron Hudson, University of California, Berkeley
    • Amarise Little, University of Washington
    • Kyle Conniff, University of California Irvine

Founding JEDI Committee Members

FOUNDING CHAIR 2021-23 Nairanjana (Jan) Dasgupta Professor, Mathematics and Statistics, Washington State University
FOUNDING MEMBER 2021-23 Sonia Jain

Professor, Public Health Education, University of California, San Diego

FOUNDING MEMBER 2021-23 Brian Williamson

Assistant Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute

FOUNDING MEMBER 2021-23 Maricela Cruz Affiliate Assistant Professor, School of Public Health, University of Washington
FOUNDING MEMBER 2021-23 Audrey Hendricks

Associate Professor, Mathematical and Statistical Sciences/ Biostatistics and Informatics, University of Colorado, Denver

MEMBER 2022-24 Natalie Gasca Science Policy Fellow, California Council on Science and Technology

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